Asbestos cross-border collaboration

In January this year our cross-border environmental team started work looking at the legacy of asbestos across Europe, supported by

This is our central investigation, published by EUobserver, written by the central investigating team, Nils Mulvad, Staffan Dahllöf and me. Nils co-ordinated the investigation and I edited the nine-country investigation.

The full list of stories can be found here:

Team members reported on the situation in Poland, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Denmark and the UK.

The investigation found that there was an extremely patchy response to removing or managing the presence of asbestos throughout Europe, with poor data collection by most countries. Asbestos is a deadly risk and it’s present in so many buildings in different places.

Thank you to everyone who agreed to be interviewed for this important topic across Europe.