Book festivals and public appearances

In 2014 Katharine spoke at an international conference on violence against women, for the Council of Europe and the Italian Chamber of Deputies, in Rome, about her third non-fiction book on ‘honour’ based violence, Hear My Cry, and other forms of violence against women. She gave a seminar on human rights journalism at Oxford University, as part of its Human Rights series. She spoke at the Hay Festival.

In 2013 Katharine gave a paper at the House of Lords, for an Economic and Social Research Council seminar, organised by De Montfort University, on the representation of Gypsies and Travellers in political and media discourse and how to develop a conflict resolution approach.

Click to access esrcseminarthree1213june2013programme.pdf

She spoke at an international conference in Norway on violence against disabled people, organised by the Norwegian Network on Disability.

Katharine also spoke at a media roundtable on public representation of the communities at 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning in Brixton.

She also gave a session on media representation of Romanies, Irish Travellers and Roma at the Irish Traveller Movement conference in November 2013.

Click to access Conf-Brochure_final1.pdf

In 2012 Katharine spoke at several literary festivals, including the Bath Festival, the Bristol Festival, the Brympton Festival and the Aye Write Festival in Glasgow.

In 2012 Katharine spoke on disability rights at the TUC and was a key note speaker at the launch of the national Disability History Month event in London.

In 2011 she spoke at the Hay Festival and at the Edinburgh Literary Festival, as well as at the Stoke Newington Festival.

In 2011 Katharine spoke twice at the House of Commons, addressing two different all party parliamentary groups about her research into disability hate crime, a joint All Party Parliamentary Group on Disability and Learning Disability and the Voice UK APPG. She also addressed the launch of Disability History Month and various trade union events around the country.

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