Gypsies & Gorgias: The Road Beyond Dale Farm

I’m hard at work, finishing off my second non-fiction book, for adults, provisionally entitled Gypsies and Gorgias: The Road beyond Dale Farm, for Oneworld Publications, due out next year. I’ve travelled through much of England and further afield this year and last, visiting Gypsies, Travellers and New Travellers, in a quest to discover what the future might hold for these communities. I’m hoping to deliver my manuscript in December.

I’ve also continued with my ongoing commitments to disability equality, serving as an advisor to the EHRC’s committee on the manifesto for change on disability harassment, and also to ACPO and NPIA on the same issues. I continue as a volunteer co-ordinator at the Disability Hate Crime Network, as well as continuing to investigate issues around disability. Over the last few months I’ve reported or been interviewed about disability for C4 News, ITV, LBC, Hispan TV and written about the subject for the Guardian and Independent.

I’m also excited about my next book for children, Rosy gets the Plot, going into the R&D phase at the Little Angel Theatre in Islington – can’t wait to see the work in progress next month. I’m also developing a thriller for older age children – watch this space.

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